Past and Present:
Here are courses I’ve taught in the past, or am currently teaching:

As sole instructor:
Philosophy of Mental Illness (Saint Joseph’s University)
Philosophy of Death (Saint Joseph’s University)

Senior Seminar in Neuroethics (Saint Joseph’s University)
First Year Service Learning Seminar:  The Virtue of Being Nobody (Saint Joseph’s University)
Moral Foundations (Saint Joseph’s University)
Topics in Moral Psychology (Saint Joseph’s University)
Introduction to Philosophy (Loyola University New Orleans)
Ethics (Loyola University New Orleans)
Making Moral Decisions (Loyola University New Orleans)
Philosophy of Psychopathology (Loyola University New Orleans)

As teaching assistant:
Minds and Machines (MIT)
Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics (MIT)
Justice (MIT)
Bioethics (MIT)
Problems of Philosophy (MIT)
Introduction to Philosophy (Harvard University Summer School)
Madness and Medicine: Themes in the History of Psychiatry (Harvard University)
Stories Under the Skin: The Mind-Body Connection in Modern Medicine (Harvard University)
Psychobiology of Learning and Memory (Yale University)
Biological Communication (Wesleyan University)

Here are some possible courses I hope to develop and teach in the future:

Philosophy/Interdisciplinary Courses:
Neuroscience and the Self
The Philosophy of Gender in the Brain
Happiness – Artificial and Otherwise
Madness and Creativity
Philosophy of Science
Feminist Philosophy
Happiness and the Good Life
The Ethics of Self-Respect
Personal Identity

Neuroscience and Biology Courses:
Introductory Biology
Neurobiology of Depression